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Who We Serve

Over our 20 year history, we have had the pleasure of serving dozens of federal, state, and local government agencies. Our Past Performance includes all types of professional services from cloud development and migrations to Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence. Below is a brief summary of some of our current endeavors to serve the leaders and citizens of this great country.

TSA Seal


Under a Fiscal Year 2020 multi-year award for Cyber Security Expertise and Services, Dogwood and our teaming partner, TAPE, LLC are providing services to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Information Assurance Division (IAD). The services being provided are Information Security Program Management and Risk / Vulnerability Assessments of TSA’s Information Systems. In addition to providing the actual services onsite in Arlington, VA, Dogwood successfully recruited and staffed the entire team of cyber professionals on short notice.

Prior to our current work at TSA, Dogwood recently finished up a contract where we provided SME level security software (BigFix) provisioning and patching engineering. The work involved translating system requirements into technical requirements, formulating task lists and level-of-effort (LOE) baselines, and designing new systems and/or changes to existing support system to meet requirements. Work also involved evaluating potential COTS products where necessary and performing design, architecture, and development duties as part of the architecture team that was implementing multiple applications using MQ, WMB, and DB2 on a J2EE compliant server (WebSphere) to support TSA’s mission-critical, 24/7, U.S. national security mission.



Under a several year program that recently finished, Dogwood performed a full range of cyber security functions for FEMA’s Office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). The duties we supported included Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) services, penetration testing, risk assessment, and security engineering. The services we provided were at multiple locations in mission critical environments.

IRS Seal

Department of Treasury – Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Dogwood is currently providing services under multiple programs for the IRS:

  • Under the Return Review Program (RRP), our Informatica development team is enhancing the IRS’s capabilities to detect, resolve, and prevent criminal and civil non-compliance and identity theft, thereby reducing issuance of fraudulent tax refunds.
  • Under the IRS Affordable Care Act (ACA) Coverage Data Repository (CDR) and Information Returns Database (IRDB) Project, our staff is performing development activities to design and develop CDR relational databases in ORACLE RAC and Linux environments. The work we’re providing will create a data repository to serve as the backbone for more than 16 other ACA projects.
  • Under the IRS Secure Access eAuthentication (eAuth) Program, Dogwood is providing Database Administration and Sr. Level Software Development services. The eAuth Project is the IRS Enterprise Authentication Framework, with enhanced capabilities for identity proofing and registering individuals (Taxpayers) utilizing various IRS services via the Internet. eAuth protects the Taxpayer facing applications on IRS.gov, providing registration and login capabilities for those mission critical services. Our staff has played an integral part in the multi-phase deployment and coordination with multiple project stakeholder organizations, both inside and outside the IRS.
  • Under the IRS Integrated Financial System (IFS) Program, Dogwood is currently providing SAP BW/BOBJ senior level reporting leadership. The Integrated Financial System (IFS) is the IRS’s core financial system and annually assists the IRS in accounting for billions of dollars in operational funds. Our staff deployed on this project are experts in BW/BOBJ and are working within the FI/CO, MM, SD Modules


Dogwood is currently providing Research and Analysis in support of Capability Development within the Allied Command Transformation (ACT). Our staff efforts support the development of NATO requirements across doctrine, organization, training, material, leadership, personnel, facilities and interoperability (DOTMLPFI) by using appropriate relevant Research and Analysis methods, including war gaming, modelling and simulation, problem structuring, decision analysis, mathematical, statistical, social-sciences and other scientific methods, appropriate for the international agency’s high level decision making.

The mission of our services is to establish operational effectiveness, organize and undertake cost-effectiveness and risk-benefit studies and analysis, and where appropriate, interact with appropriate NATO and national research entities and industries. Our efforts establish the impact of alternatives on operational effectiveness and provide analysis of the potential impact of identified risks while proposing possible risk-mitigation and risk-avoidance approaches.

Our key leader under this program is the acting Point of Contact for collaborative projects both internally and externally to ACT while also acting as the interlocutor for the establishment of Modelling and Simulation arrangements with national and industrial entities.

US Census Logo

2020 US Census

Dogwood Management Partners has been called upon to provide onsite technical support at several regional locations for the 2020 US Census. Our staff is working in each selected call center directly to resolve technical problems with deployed applications (CRM, MRS, External Interfaces, etc.), analyze system performance and functional issues, and troubleshoot problems related to desktop interactions with related subsystems.

FAA Seal


samhsa logo

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA)

While working as part of SAMSHA’s Strategic Initiative under a program with The Division of Technology Management (DTM), our staff is part of an Agile delivery team of experienced developers, business analysts, and testers. Data and Technologies play a critical part in the sharing of information necessary to enact SAMHSA’s vision of helping the Nation act on the knowledge that behavioral health is an essential element of general health; that prevention works; that treatment is effective; and that people recover from mental and substance use disorders. Responsibilities of our Dogwood Staff also include IBM Cognos TM1 development in financial reporting systems.

US Navy Logo
US Navy Logo

US Navy / Department of Defense

As a subcontractor to IBM, Dogwood is currently providing software development services support for the National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP). The mission is to increase US shipbuilding efficiency by using technology to improve supply chain collaboration and information exchange among shipbuilders, their suppliers, and the US Navy. The new platform is reducing the costs and speeding up delivery of parts and labor for Navy warships.

The IBM solution, known as SPARS (Shipbuilding Partners and Suppliers), is based on open, scalable computing architecture. Our software development staff is collaborating with IBM using WebSphere, DB2 and Tivoli Security Management software on IBM eServer xSeries systems in a hosted environment.

Defense Logistics Agency Logo.  (PRNewsFoto/Defense Logistics Agency)
Defense Logistics Agency Logo.  (PRNewsFoto/Defense Logistics Agency)

Defense Logistics Agency

Under the DLA’s Defense Critical Infrastructure Program (DCIP) program, Dogwood consultants are providing Mission Assurance (MA) Subject Matter Expertise (SME) services. These services include:

  • Authoring the actual DCI implementation plan and Mission assurance (MA) Instructions.
  • Analysis and technical support of the cyber security operational risk assessments for selected DoD programs.
  • Developing Supply Chain Security (SCS) strategy and MA initiatives supporting integration of SCS into MA portfolio.
  • Coordinating an enhanced Joint Mission Assurance Assessment (JMAA) of DLA's largest distribution center supporting DoD's nuclear mission.
  • SME support to DLA's Continuity of Operations (COOP) Program Manager.
  • Dogwood assigned staff member is Designated reviewer for Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), Joint Staff (JS), Department of Defense (DoD), and DLA plans, instructions and manuals.
  • Maintaining Strategic Mission Assurance Data System (SMADS), Defense Readiness Reporting System - Strategic (DRRS), and DLA's Critical Infrastructure Program Logistics (CIPLOG) database, and Enterprise Protection Risk Management (EPRM)

Overall, it’s the dedication of our staff that helps ensure identification, assessment, and security enhancement of physical and cyber assets and associated infrastructures essential to the execution of the National Military Strategy. These key SME level efforts thereby provide assurance that the business continuity of the functions supported by critical infrastructures remains viable in the event of attack or environmental event.

Department of Defense Seal

DoD AI / Research

In partnership with a Fortune 500 firm, Dogwood is providing pioneering Artificial Intelligence (AI) software design and development services under a key research initiative with a US federal government customer. The goal of our efforts is to significantly increase the speed of data analysis and decision making while improving chances of a desired outcomes.

By developing devices capable of Machine Learning, our employees are designing these systems to correctly interpret data, learn from the data, and utilize the information learned to adapt the decision making to flexible environments where the data is constantly changing.

In order to accomplish the goals of the program, our highly professional staff is utilizing their in-depth knowledge and training in developing visualization tools, memory structures, neural hardware networks and software based simulated networks. The Artificial Intelligence Machine learning capability created by our staff has already greatly enhanced the defense posture of our government in service to the American Citizen.


USAID - Phoenix

Our signature cyber security project performed since 2003 for the IBM PHOENIX financial application for the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Dogwood associates provide Information Systems Security (ISSO) services, policy analysis, and Certification & Accreditation activities.

USAID - DoD Joint Task Force

Starting in 2009 and concluding recently, Dogwood associates developed Case Officer Software written for the USAID-State Dept-DoD Joint Task Force using specialized software tools. Dogwoods consultant held sole responsibility for development of two systems at the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistani Affairs (OAPA). Both systems are personnel systems that show supervisors the status of positions, employees, and expected future staff needs. Both tools are written using: ColdFusion v10, AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript, mySQL and Twitter Bootstrap. This information has proven critical to the entire agency for staff reporting purposes. While it's an "unofficial" tool it’s more reliable that the company provided software and is used almost exclusively for reporting needs.

Seal of Florida
Seal of N Carolina
Seal of New York State

State of Florida

Under a preliminary notice of award and after a lengthy review and capability assessment process by the state, we are proud to announce that Dogwood will soon be able to provide the state of Florida professional services in dozens of areas of IT support.

For a state that ranks third in population, providing dependable, intuitive, and secure IT services to its citizens is not only extremely important but also presents many challenges along the way. Florida, our headquarters home state, has an annual estimated spend of more than $66 Million for these types of services. Since technology and telecommunications are the backbone of the physical support it takes to properly provide services to the state’s citizens, it’s obvious of the importance for the state to select only the most qualified IT companies to rely on.

IT professionals local to the state (or those seeking to relocate) should get in touch with Jeff Bowler at jbowler@dogwood.net for further details. We would be happy to include qualified professionals in our network of possible candidates to turn to when the state’s technical needs arise.

State of North Carolina

Dogwood is certified with the state as a Veteran Owned small business. With this certification, and under a multi-year contract, Dogwood was recently awarded the opportunity to serve the state by providing a vast array of IT services. Numerous IT needs and job openings come out on a regular basis.

IT professionals local to the state (or those seeking to relocate) should get in touch with Jeff Bowler at jbowler@dogwood.net for further details and position opportunities that may match their experience and career interests.

State of New York

Dogwood is also a New York State Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses. As such, we recently completed a high level cyber intelligence initiative with NYPD. This effort was focused on leading a successful Cyber Threat hunting platform, conducting  architecture roadmap development of current and future state for structured and unstructured data, threat intel feeds, and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT.)

In addition to the above project, Dogwood is also part of a team currently working with the state to provide short term IT support under the state’s HBITS program.  IT professionals local to the state (or those seeking to relocate) should get in touch with Jeff Bowler at jbowler@dogwood.net for further details and position opportunities that may match their experience and career interests.