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What are Dogwood’s Recruiting Services?

Within the government space, recruiting and staffing has become highly specialized and labor intensive – no different than the actual work being carried out on government projects these days. Understanding each particular agency’s need, and the specialized work to be performed in that environment, requires more than just accessing resume websites and posting on job boards.
It requires a company like Dogwood Management Partners with senior level government recruiting experience and a deep network of professional contacts.
Our industry and agency clients have found that our experience and understanding of the environments and regulations of government based staffing leads to far more efficient interaction between us and them and much better chances of hiring the right candidate. How? We know the business. We have the contacts. And, we won’t waste your time.

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If we can’t help, we’ll tell you. As a company that performs under our own contracts in classified environments, it’s a requirement that we don’t jeopardize our own good reputation. We’ll speak the truth about a candidate’s qualifications (or lack thereof) and let you make the decision how to proceed from there.

When do we perform these services?

When the terms and conditions are fair and amenable to both parties. We provide recruiting services either as SDVOSB subcontracting teammate, where the position of hire is with our company, or in Direct Hire situations where candidates we recruit are directly hired by our clients.
However, there are occasions where we won’t be of help. And, we’ll be the first to share that with you so that your time is not wasted with us. For example, if the positions allow for visa candidates to fill the roles, we are not the best suited company. Or, if the positions are for key personnel to support RFQ submission requirements, we will not be able to help – unless we’re on the team and feel it’s within our recruiting capability and overall best interest to be on the team.

Where have we placed candidates?

Globally – CONUS and OCONUS. Obviously, Northern Virginia and the DC area is where most of our requests for recruiting support and eventual placements occur. However, we’ve recruited and placed candidates on our own contracts and under client contracts in government programs located in the Middle East, Europe, Hawaii, and numerous continental United States locations including NY, NY, San Diego, CA, Monterey, CA, Pueblo CO, and Panama City FL.

How are we better than others?

• Our fee structure is fair. See below under “What are the costs”
• Our highly experienced and trained government recruiting staff is unmatched. Government recruiting is what we do all day…..every day!
• We will not waste your time with candidates that are unqualified / not properly certified.

What are the costs?

Our fee structure is fair…. and simple. Ours is a contingency based fee structure built on the same philosophy as a teaming situation – win win, lose lose.
• First, there are no fees unless a candidate submitted by us is hired – hence, our fees are contingent on a hire and work start.
• The contingent Direct Hire fee is a percentage of the annual salary. But, unlike other staffing organizations, the fee structure and terms are spread out – similar to teaming situation where everyone wins when it’s good and everyone shares the loss when it’s not.

Why are we as good as we claim to be at government recruiting?

We have to be. We’ve been fortunate enough to act as a subcontractor to many well recognized mid and large government integrators. To make a successful and sustainable long run as a sub in the government space, you better recruit well or you are only as good as the paper your end of the proposal effort was written on. Subs support. They fill seats. We better be good at.
Another key reason why we are the logical choice is because of our network. Over the last twenty years in business and a combined 70+ years of executive leadership in the government space, we’ve made great friends with numerous professionals and developed a deep network of contacts – or, passive candidates we’ll call them.
When we have key positions to fill, we turn to our network contacts to see if they may be interested and to also get the word out. Again, these are friends and we watch out for each other. These eyes and ears on the streets ensure that we cover every recruiting need to the fullest capability of anyone in the industry. Sure, our efforts include resume boards, social media, user groups, and advertising. But, it’s our network that gets our client’s hiring needs supported with a much further reach. And to them, we owe a great debt.

Who can you contact for further details?

Should you have a need for recruiting support in any capacity, we’d be happy to discuss and let you know if we feel we may be of help. To do so, please contact